Frequently Asked Questions

How does an alarm report to central station?

Your alarm can also send signals over the internet when connected to an internal router or wirelessly through GSM cellular and WIFI technology.

What if I cancel my phone line?

If your alarm system is connected to a legacy POTS telephone landline and you wish to cancel this telephone line, contact our technical support team so they can make an arrangement with you to have an internet or cellular module installed so you existing alarm can communicate successfully with our monitoring station.

How does an alarm report to central station?

By installing a CA38 jack and running a connection between it and Bell’s demarcation point, the alarm will have proper line seizure. This means that if anyone was talking on the telephone, or if an intruder took the telephone off the hook, it would not matter. The alarm will send a signal and properly communicate with the monitoring station.

What if I accidentally trip my alarm?

First and foremost remain calm, and simply enter your four digit security code. If your system still doesn’t disarm, press clear and try your code again. Then get your emergency response card (that contains your account number, the monitoring stations phone number and Safe-Tech’s phone number) and call the monitoring station to advise them that you accidentally tripped your alarm. You will need to tell the monitoring station your password and account number.

What happens when the alarm goes off?

A trained dispatcher will call your home to verify if you have set the alarm off inadvertently by yourself and will ask for your password. If there is no answer after 5 rings or the correct password is not given, the proper authorities (Police or Guards) are immediately notified and dispatched to your premises. The monitoring station will proceed to go through the call list for the premises and try to reach a responsible party. The police or guards, once they have arrived will do a perimeter check of your premises, and look for any visible signs of forced entry. If none is found, they will leave. The alarm will reset itself after 4 minutes and the siren will stop sounding. If a break-in has occurred, the police or guards will notify the station, and report their findings to you.

How do false alarms occur?

– User error (i.e.. someone taking too long to leave)
– Poor quality equipment or faulty equipment
– Good equipment installed improperly
– Programming error
– Extreme weather conditions

What happens in the event of a power failure?

The system has a back-up supply battery, housed in the control panel, for this emergency. It will recharge itself once the power returns.

How long will it take to install my security system?

This all depends on the size of the system and accessibility for wiring. The typical “Free Alarm” system takes half a day to install.

How can my business benefit from security cameras?

The installation of closed circuit television cameras will save your company thousand’s of dollars in loss prevention. The average retailer loses 5% of their inventory due to employee and customer theft. Statistics show that this loss can be cut in half with the addition of security cameras.